Dominican Republic Wardrobe Ideas

Hey guys first of all i just want to say that i’m totally excited to get down to the Dominican Republic and start shooting. It’s going to be good times for sure. The location we got is so sexy. There are so many good spots to shoot it’s going to be nuts. Ok all that being said bring whatever you think is best for your look BUT, there are are few things I would like you to bring so that I can hit a few concepts that I want to create for magazine spreads. I’m sick of shooting girls in bikinis. I want to get more creative and take it to the next level. Here is a list of things I’d like you to bring for magazine pictorial shoots.

Any posts you put on social media please use “#vx2beachparty” We’re trying to build up hype for these trips and make them an annual event. Thanks ;)

All Black Bikini + All White bikini

- I know I said I’m sick of shooting bikinis but I want to shoot a group shot at the end of the trip with all you girls in your tanned bodies and black bikinis. Also bring an all white bikini set as well. No prints and funny things hanging off of them. Just simple clean classic. I can pair up a white or black bikini with other wardrobe ideas that I have as well.

One Piece Swimsuit or Body Suit

- I’d like to shoot some fashion type poses and concepts in one piece swimsuits. Preferably swimsuits that are a solid colour i’m not a big fan of cloths with graphics and things on them. Simple clean lines always looks best to me. Makes your body look sleek too.

Jean Jacket, Jean Shorts & Tight jeans

- I want to shoot some denim concepts. Maybe bikini bottoms with a jean jacket on the beach, jean pants against a sun-lit wall CK style or jean shorts and a sexy top. There are a few options.

Sheer Tops & Wet Tops

- Bring some sheer tops we can use and also tops that are going to look hot when they are wet. I don’t want to publish typical boring stuff in the magazine I’m looking for sexy content that will attract a ton of followers to you and to the magazine. This trip is all about creating hot content for social media. ;)

Anything 70’s 80’s Inspired

- I want to shoot a lot of retro filtered images so retro style wardrobe options would be awesome to work with. Any outfits you can bring that fit a retro vibe would be great.

Loose tanks

that show a lot of side boob

Jungle Print Stuff

- I have a few idea of anything with jungle print or animal print.


- Can’t go wrong with leggings. Bring some if you can. Even rolling around in the sand in nothing but black leggings would be hot.


- We have a beautiful villa at our disposal so let’s take advantage of some hot interior locations as well as the beach. I figure we can shoot at the beach in the morning and afternoon but around noon when the sun is too bright we can shoot some hot indoor stuff.

Underboob Tops

- awefrsedf

Other Wardrobe Ideas