Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been shooing?
A: I've been working as a photographer for a long time and loving every minute of it. I first started taking an interest in photographer when I was 12 years old. It was just something I did for fun. In 2005 when I finished university I started my photography business and now I’m here.

Q: My friends and I all want to shoot with you. If we all booked on the same day would you give us a group rate?
A: Yes for sure! I love shooting groups it's so much more fun. With groups of four or more I offer group rates. More info on group rates can be found on this link Group Rates.   

Q: How long will it take you to edit my pictures?
A: It usually takes around two weeks to get all the images edited. It all depends on how complex the edits are and how busy I am. The summer months tent to be a lot busier than the winter months. With all that being said I do try to get edits done as fast as possible. 

Q: I love your vlog on YouTube. I'v watched all your videos. Can you make a video of our shoot so I can be on your vlog?
A: Vlogging takes up a significant amount of my personal time. I don't vlog every shoot I do simply because I would explode into a million billion little pieces if I did. With that being said, if you want to get in on the vlogging I’m certainly open to the idea. Just let me know and we can talk ideas.

Q: Can I bring a chaperone with me to the photo shoot?
A: Yes that's not a problem at all. I get it working with a photographer for the first time you may want to bring someone with you for safety because you never know. Here is my chaperone policy: If you want to bring ONE person that you are comfortable modeling in front of that's cool. Preferably someone who gets involved in the shoot and is excited to be there. If you bring a group of people with you they'll have to wait at the coffee shop unless they are somehow active in the shoot.

Q: What happens to my deposit if I can't make my shoot? 
A: Deposits are required to hold your date and are not refundable. However, they are transferable if you cancel your shoot 48 hours before the shoot start time. You can put the deposit towards setting a new date. To discourage people form repeatedly rescheduling there is a $40 fee for changing a shoot date. 

Q: Do you ever shoot TF or collaborate with models for free?
A: Yes there are times when I give my time for free to work with talented models or other people in the industry with the intent to create something exciting for both our portfolios. However, I got bills to pay just like everybody else and this is my full time job so I don't shoot TF often. If you have an idea you want to collaborate with me on I'm happy to hear what you have in mind.   

Q: I want to get published in VX2 Magazine. Can we do a submissions shoot for the Magazine?
A: Absolutely we can. When you’re booking your shoot just let me know that you would like to shoot a submission shoot for the magazine and we’ll setup the shoot with that in mind.

Q: I'm new to modeling and don't really know what I'm doing can you help me with poses? 
A: Yes absolutely. I get this question a lot. I work with a lot of new models and I give lots of advice and posing tips throughout the shoot. 

Q: What are your gift cards all about?
A: My super awesome fantastic gift cards can be put towards your next photo shoot with Studio V. Essentially it's like getting $50 off your next shoot. It's a nice thank you gift to clients who invest money in the service I provide. When a client pays me for my time and creativity it's the greatest feeling in the world. I appreciate my clients very much. 

Q: Is there parking close to your studio? 
A: There is paid parking on the street, A Green P parking lot around the corner and free parking till midnight on the side streets. 

Q: Do you have an assistant and will they be at the shoot?
A: Yes I have a few assistants that I work with but they typically don't come to shoots unless I need them to help out on set or on location. 

Q: What happens if our shoot goes past the allotted time?
A: It's pretty rare that a shoot goes over the time limit but if we're in the zone and we're rockin' and rollin' getting awesome shots than I don't mind going 15 - 20 minutes longer. If you want to book an additional hour or two we can arrange something at the shoot but a few minutes over is ok with me. 

Q: I want to book a shoot with you but I don't want my pictures posted on your webpage or social media can I keep my shoot private? 
A: Absolutely, I shoot a lot of boudoir photos of wives and girlfriends that want sexy photos as gifts for their significant others. These photos shoot are strictly private and the photos never get released publicly. 

Q: Can you shoot a behind the scenes video of my shoot?
A: I sure can! The thing is I do make a lot of vlog videos which is one thing, a behind the scenes video is a different thing all together. If you would like a behind the scenes video at the shoot let me know and we can talk about creating something specific for you.