Here is a list of makeup artists and hair stylists that I work with on a regular basis. They are all uber talented and I recommend any of them without hesitation. Please note that the rates shown here may be rates specifically for my clients and may not be the rates they offer on their webpages. In regards to booking these awesome people feel free to book them on your own or I can book someone for you upon request. 

Sarah Scotford

  • Professional makeup artist can also do hair. 
  • Links: Webpage? | Facebook 
  • Contact: | 905.867.8446
  • Rate: Full day on set Makeup & hair $350
  • Sarah is an awesome makeup artist with a wealth of knowledge on set. What makes her really special is her experience as a model. She's grate at coming up with poses and ideas. She's a real asset on set and I love working with her.    

Lori Fabrizio

  • Professional makeup artist can also do hair. 
  • Links: Webpage | Facebook
  • Contact: | 647.500.7145
  • Rate: 
  • Lori is a super talented makeup artist and she's made a big name for herself in the fitness industry. Her makeup work is top shelf and she's pretty awesome with hair too.  

Ronnie Tremblay

  • Professional makeup artist can also do basic hair. 
  • Links: Webpage? | Facebook
  • Contact: | 647.883.6102
  • Rate: 
  • Ronnie is an awesome lively character that can light up a room with her personality. That character also translates into her wok. She is fantastic at makeup-ing and probably the fastest makeup artist I've ever worked with. Where she really excels is in the creative outside the box makeup projects. 


  • This is a duo of two professional makeup artists can also do hair. 
  • Links: Webpage | Facebook
  • Contact: | (Justine Stevenson Tomchick) 905.431.0314 - (Monica Kalra) 416.824.7049
  • Rate: 
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Liza Ciampini

  • Professional makeup artist can also do hair. 
  • Links: Webpage | Facebook
  • Contact: | 416.707.3371
  • Rate: 
  • Liza is an up and coming makeup artist with a ton of talent.  She's new to the game but you won't be able to tell by looking at her work. 

Steve Pella

  • Professional hair stylist
  • Links: Webpage | Facebook
  • Contact: | 647.887.3008
  • Rate:
  • Steve can do things with hair that would make your jaw drop. He is the hair guru! You tell him what you want and he works his magic and it always looks amazing. He's very attentive on set and doesn't hesitate to jump in and fix any stray hairs. If you want your hair to look perfect I would recommend booking Steve along with one of the makeup artists above. And as a bonus Steve's hair salon is a few short steps from my studio so it's super convenient.