Group Rate Pricing Info

Group Rate Pricing Chart 

  • 4 Models, 2 looks each, $290 per model + $20 per edit 
  • 5 Models, 2 looks each, $250 per model + $20 per edit
  • 6 Models, 2 looks each, $210 per model + $20 per edit
  • 7 Models, 2 looks each, $180 per model + $20 per edit
  • 8 Models, 2 looks each, $160 per model + $20 per edit

    * Prices do no include taxes. 


Sample Images From Group Shoot

Yes I offer group rates for groups of four or more models with a maximum of eight models. Each group shoot will have an eight hour (full day) maximum time limit. If I feel that the complexity of the group shoot will run past eight hours i'll suggest that we break it down into a two day shoot. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure a group shoot date.  

In my pricing chart the image edit prices are separate from the photo shoot price so that you can decide to either add image edits into the price per model or leave it separate so that each model can select their own edits. I leave this choice up to you. 

Sample Video From Group Shoot

What You Get

  • You get Studio V for a maximum of 8 hours of shooting time. 
  • I always bring an assistant with me to group shoots to help with lighting setup and improve the overall flow of the day.
  • Proof images from the group shoot will be delivered vie online transfer or online proof gallery within 24 hours of the shoot.
  • Each model will receive a $30 Studio V gift card that can be put towards another shoot. 
  • Image edit turnaround time is between a week to two weeks from the date image edit selections are received. 
  • You will receive two complimentary group shot photos if requested.