OK so if you're reading this page than you've probably had a change of heart or change in careers and you're thinking maybe you don't want these hot photos of you on the internet. I totally understand. It happens. Sometimes life takes you in a different direction and you have to clean up your past. 

So here is the thing. We obviously did a shoot at some point, you signed a model release form granting me permission to legally publish all the photos/videos we created and now you're hear because you want me to take your photos off the internet. If I have your photos posted online it's because I like the photos and I feel that they are helping me market my business. So the photos have a value to me. If I feel that photos have a value to my business than I'm really really really reluctant to take them down. Especially after I've taken the time to edit them. I don't force people to shoot photos they don't like and I enter into photo shoots in good faith that we are creating content that is valuable to both of us. So taking down photos is something I really don't like doing.  

That being said if you absolutely 100% want me to remove your photos from my webpage and other social media I will for a fee of $1500. That fee compensates me for the value I feel the images have to my business. Once I have received the fee I will remove your photos/videos from my webpage and any social media you request. I'll also delete all the photos I have of you from my computer and terminate the model release form you signed so photos can never be posted online or published again. Unfortunately photos that have already been published in a magazine can not be unpublished I have no control over those images. Payment can be made through EMT, Paypal or in person. 

I will work with you to ensure that all the photos I have shot of you that are on my webpage and social media sights are removed.  

You can contact me via the contact me button.