Melissa Leigh Morrison

These are two pictures form my first shoot with WBFF fitness superstar Melissa Leigh Morrison. Studio V Photography loves shooting Melissa! She's so much fun to work with. I don't know if I should say this or not but i've always been one to say what I feel regardless of social norms but Melissa is a bossy woman and I love bossy women. I don't know why? It's just exciting for me. I'd rather deal with a woman who has a strong backbone and knows what she wants rather than someone who bend to my will. Melissa is definitely one of those strong willed Aries women. I can totally see how being a photographer with a large ego it might be hard to work with a bossy model but I've noticed over the years that I don't really have much of an ego. I tend to be driven more by passion than ego. I guess that's why its so easy for me to work with clients that other's would call difficult.  

Makeup by Lori Fabrizio  

Mayra Beachwear Collection

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mayra from for a second time. Woohooo. She wanted some new photo content for her webpage and this time she brought WBFF Fitness Diva Selena Stevens to model her bikinis. Myra was adamant about shooting on a blue background and lucky for her I have a recently painted blue textured wall at the studio. It worked out perfectly.  

Well it turns out Selena is a riot. Totally awesome to work with and full of laughs. Mayra was on point in serious business mode. But that didn't last to long. The conversation was light and fun and the laughs came often. Before long we hit our stride, everyone was happy and all the shots were winners. You know It's a funny thing, literally, when everyone is smiling on set all the pictures come out amazing. Maybe i'm really newage with my thinking but when the fun is flowing it changes the energy in the room and everything becomes better. It's so hard to take a bad shot when you're having fun. Than before you know it the designer and the model turn the shoot into a dance party. hahahaha. #TrueStory  

If you're a fitness competitor go check out Mayra sews all her bikinis herself and she's a perfectionist which means you're probably going to get an awesome product for your stage show. I haven't seen one bikini from her that I didn't like. Oh and she also made those wings too. How cool is that.