Canadian Super Hottie Elizabeth Sabrina

Studio V Photography, Toronto Glamour Photographer: Here is a little something to keep you warm as the winter months slowly get closer. Canadian Super Hottie Elisabeth Sabrina in a sexy bit of lingerie. This is from our second shoot in Toronto. Always a pleasure to shoot.

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Talia Russo Pictorial

Studio V Photography. Check out this sexy new pictorial with TV personality, actress and model Talia Russo. The photo set is featured in Issue 16 of VX2 Magazine. Go check it out at I'm really happy with the way these shots came out. Talia is always so much fun to work with. Love her personality and character hopefully we get to see more of her up on the big screen some day soon. 


Happy Holidays with Bella Ricchi

Happy Holidays to all you Studio V Photography fans!!! Christmas is coming early this year with these beautiful photos of Italian hottie Bella Ricchi. She's so much fun to work with check out the vlog linked below to see some behind the scenes fun from our shoot together. I also have a photo edit time laps video below as well. Oh and btw the song in the time laps video is from Bella's new album. Check it out.

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Melissa Leigh Morrison

These are two pictures form my first shoot with WBFF fitness superstar Melissa Leigh Morrison. Studio V Photography loves shooting Melissa! She's so much fun to work with. I don't know if I should say this or not but i've always been one to say what I feel regardless of social norms but Melissa is a bossy woman and I love bossy women. I don't know why? It's just exciting for me. I'd rather deal with a woman who has a strong backbone and knows what she wants rather than someone who bend to my will. Melissa is definitely one of those strong willed Aries women. I can totally see how being a photographer with a large ego it might be hard to work with a bossy model but I've noticed over the years that I don't really have much of an ego. I tend to be driven more by passion than ego. I guess that's why its so easy for me to work with clients that other's would call difficult.  

Makeup by Lori Fabrizio