Megan Klassen and the G7X

Studio V Photography. So I just picked up a Canon G7X Mark II the other day and I wanted to test it out. I've really gotten excited about the idea of vlogging so that I can share all the fun moments that happen at my photo shoots. I really have no idea what I'm doing at this point with respect to creating vloggs but just as I did with photography, I figure the best thing to do is jump in with both feet, make my mistakes and learn as I go. The fear of failing holds us back so much. I figure failing is part of the learning experience and the experience is what it's all about. . . . So anyway. . . I wanted to test out the new video camera and called Megan Klassen in for a shoot. I met her the year before at an even for Arsenic Magazine and wanted to work with her so that's what I did.

We had a good click right from the get-go and the shoot was a fun experience. It was a little different for me to think in terms of creating photo content then at the same time think about creating video content as well. It was a bit of a challenge but I'm sure I'll get better at it as I do it more often. 

Below I have two vlogs. The first one is a behind the scenes vlog from my shoot with Megan and the second vlog is me doing a time laps edits with Megan's photos.

Enjoy and please subscribe to the youtube channel.

Jungle Andy

What do you do when you find yourself in the jungle with a gorgeous model? Well you shoot pictures of her that's what! hahahaha. Well if you're Studio V Photography that's the first thing you do. I was shooting down in the Caribbean and I brought Andy with me as an assistant. It's always handy to have a little help when shooting on a location in the middle of nowhere. Andy's always experimenting with things and doodling and coming up with cool ideas. That's probably why I loved having her around. It is fun to be around likeminded individuals. That's the trouble with having a creative state of mind, you're always seeking other creatives to interact with. Everyone else is just to Plain-Jane. But back to the story, this was just a little impromptu shoot for fun while we were in the jungle waiting for the models to get themselves ready. We wanted to experiment with this tassel thing that Andy brought. See what we could come up with and if we wanted to use it for a shoot concept. Having an assistant who's a creative and also a model, Double Rainbow! hahaha. If you got that reference I know you're laughing.