My Social Media Identity Struggle

I was sitting around thinking to myself yesterday and I've come to the conclusion that I've struggled a lot with my online identity over the past few years. Some aspects of my work required that I maintain the utmost professionalism and I totally understood the need for that. Even the fact that I shot woman in lingerie was pushing the envelope for some of my clients and I had to try and get them to look past the glamour to see the talent. Is this just me or do you glam photogs out there feel the same? Can this one go under the hashtag of #photographerproblems or is it just me?

I'm glad to say that's all in the past now. Over the past several months I've restructured my business and divested Studio V of said client base. Quite unexpectedly I must say, I didn't anticipate I would enjoy this transition as much as I am. I feel like a great pressure has been lifted off my social media shoulders. I'm no longer confined to balancing the perceptions of one client base with the desires of another client base. It's a liberating feeling to know that I can create my online personality free from the the pressures of appeasing those who have preconceived negative notions of the glamour industry. I'm free to be me again. That's a great feeling. So cheers to Studio V.