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So I may have started to streamline my Instagram feed. In fact I may have started to visually streamline all my photography work. I think as an artist you get caught up experimenting and shooting everything because you're so eager to learn as much as you can. Then one day everything just clicks and all of a sudden you realize you've developed something you can call your own style. I've really been loving the way my images have been looking recently. Now the plan is to keep on developing and working with this visual aesthetic. One day, just like fashion trends change, photography trends will also change and, well, then i'll have to change again too. I remember five years ago bright edgy high contrast photos and ring lights were all the rage now that look has fallen out of vogue. Most of the work I shot back then looks so dated now. Now that i'm sitting back and thinking about it, it's kinda cool to realize that I've been working as a photographer long enough to see a major visual trend shift in the photography industry.