Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Weekend! I'm loving all the sexy costumes out there. Cheers from Studio V Photography. Wishing everyone a happy sexy weekend.

In this photo is sexy Suicide Girl Boobafettish in her Boba Fett helmet. Apparently she has a bit of a fetish for Boba Fett. She just might be the biggest Star Wars fan I've ever shot and I've shot a few. We were shooting some video when I snapped this photo. I didn't want to have to blur out her bits in the video so she grabbed some of my logo stickers and put them to good use. hahaha. I like her ingenuity. We had a great shoot. Lot's of laughs and hot photos. I shot some vlog footage so there will be a vlog coming soon. Stay tuned more Boobafettish coming up.

Happy Halloween!!!