Laura Christine Clark

I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Laura Christine Clark. Playboy Cyber Girl, home town model and totally awesome chick. We had a blast shooting together for the first time in 3 years. But we picked things up right where we left off way back when. I'll write a better blog post about the shoot later for now enjoy these behind the scenes videos. This is the first video of a series I'm going to do called "Another Day In Paradise" which will be a little bit of a behind the scenes mixed with a day-in-the-life type stuff. 

So half way though our photo shoot we decided to go grab a bite at Glory Hole Doughnuts. Laura had never tried them before so I figured it would be fun experience for her. Gotta love that name. We started giggling before we even got there. hahahaha. Glory Hole Doughnut!!!! They are seriously delicious if you get the change to try them go for it. 

Glory Hole Doughnuts Laura Christine Clark Studio V