Melissa Leigh Morrison

These are two pictures form my first shoot with WBFF fitness superstar Melissa Leigh Morrison. Studio V Photography loves shooting Melissa! She's so much fun to work with. I don't know if I should say this or not but i've always been one to say what I feel regardless of social norms but Melissa is a bossy woman and I love bossy women. I don't know why? It's just exciting for me. I'd rather deal with a woman who has a strong backbone and knows what she wants rather than someone who bend to my will. Melissa is definitely one of those strong willed Aries women. I can totally see how being a photographer with a large ego it might be hard to work with a bossy model but I've noticed over the years that I don't really have much of an ego. I tend to be driven more by passion than ego. I guess that's why its so easy for me to work with clients that other's would call difficult.  

Makeup by Lori Fabrizio