Playboy Playmate Tailor James

Studio V Photography Tailor James magazine

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Canadian Playboy Playmate Tailor James. She was absolutely awesome not only as a model but as a person. Had so much fun working with her we're still friends to this day. It's so rare to find a model who can turn her eyes on like Tailor can. Being good at posing is great but if you can emote with your eyes that takes your modeling to the next level. For all you models reading this take my advice. Practice getting your eyes into character in front of the mirror. If you can master that skill it will help your portfolio. 

I'll write a more in-depth post later about working with Tailor James and post my favourite pictures from the shoot. This post is more about the publication. So ya, got published in Kandy Magazine. Woohoooo. *fist pump* *happy dance* OK nobody needs to imagine that. hahaha. I've been published so many times but it never gets old seeing my images in print. 

Enjoy the spread.