Elizabeth Sabrina

Here is a set of unplanned photos. I was getting ready to shoot the beautiful Elizabeth Sabrina who had flown all the way to form Calgary to work with me. I had my camera setup and ready to go but I had the urge to experiment and pulled out my iPhone and started playing. These images were shot with an iPhone 4 and edited in photoshop. 

If there is one thing that can be said about Photography as a craft it's that there is a lifetime of knowledge to be learned. So don't hesitate to experiment because that's where the real learning happens. Courses and workshops are great but that's all second hand information. The deepest most effective way to grow comes from experiencing and leaning on your own. Whenever you have a moment, even if you're shooting something as simple as sunlight shining through a window onto a wall, or a fire hydrant on the street, take that opportunity to play with your camera. To be a good photographer you have to fall in love with photography. If you only pull out your camera when you have a photo shoot than you're limiting your growth. You should have your camera with you all the time and make time to play and learn by shooting whatever you feel.