Studio V is now on YouTube

So I finally setup an official Studio V YouTube Channel. I hope to be posting a lot more videos over the coming months. I've put together a little action plan for video production so I have an idea of where I want to go and how I want to get there. 

I started things off with a little promo video I made with a phone app called Magisto. I shot some short video clips of my work on a computer screen and popped them into Magisto and let the app work it's magic. The quality of the video is far from good. It's meant for sharing via smart phones and tablets. However, all things considered I can't complain. It's a fun little clip and it promotes the brand. For now it's useful for that reason alone. At this point in time, thinking of the rebrand, I need to get as many people aware of the new branding as possible. That's one of my top priorities right now.