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ABOUT THIS WEBPAGE the third. Newly updated and ready to rock. After 13 years in the industry as a photographer I've seen a lot and I've noticed that most photography webpages all feel the same. Portfolio, packages, contact me, cookie cutter, bland, blah blah, boring. So this time around I wanted to change things up and really put my personality all over this thaaang. If there is one thing i've learned over the years it's that personality is what really gets people excited. You may be an amazing photographer but if you have the personality of a cardboard box it's not going to get you far. To me, this world is a comedy filled with funny and ill timed punch lines, silly moments that make you smile and emotions that come straight from the heart. Well what does that have to do with this webpage you ask? Nothing that's just me being me. 


Do I have a style? I've often asked myself that question. I suppose that If a workflow were a style I do get into workflow routines from time to time and that has an affect of my final images. I don't know if I have a trademark style unless awesome sexy pictures were a style. lol. I feel that as an artist I embrace diversity and as such negate the possibility of anchoring myself down to one particular style. I can shoot soft and dreamy or hard and edgy, I can shoot clean and commercial too. I can shoot with natural light, studio lights and speedlights. I like to mix things up and go with the flow, that's when i'm happiest. My creative process is very organic in the way that it's always in flux and influenced by the connection i'm feeling with the model in front of me. Some of my favourite experiences and best photos came from  shoots where nothing was planned. Not to say that preparation doesn't have it's place. It's very important when setting out to achieve a specific intension. But going back to the topic at hand I pride myself on having a very diverse skill set and being able to handle a wide variety of photographic situations.  



We are one of Toronto's hottest glamour and fitness photography brands. Studio V has been published internationally in various magazines, webpages and other promotional material. We are proud to say that 2015 marks our 10th year in business. We are working towards becoming one of Canada's premier photography brands. My name is Vasko, I'm the captain of this ship and to put it very simply, we specialize in making you look amazing! We take on all sorts of clients from professional models, to new models, to fitness competitors, to everyday people who just want pictures of themselves looking really really amazing. Kicking ass and taking names 24/7/365. Fill out our contact form for booking inquiries.  


I'€™m a professional photographer and business owner based in Toronto. I'€™ve always believed that photography should be about having fun and exploring creativity. That's the mindset I take with me to every shoot. I really enjoy what I do and there is nothing else I'd rather be doing. I'€™m pretty happy-go-lucky and  like joking around and laughing at my shoots. A photo shoot should be about having fun in a judgment free environment, not having a camera jammed in your face. At least that'€™s what I think. That being said, I do take my work seriously and bring a professional attitude with me to every session. Ultimately I know that this is a results orientated business and my objective is always focused on satisfying my clients' needs. In the end it's not just about getting that "it" shot it's also about enjoying the process along the way. 

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The first thing I try to determine with a model is what direction are we going to take this ship. Are we going to sail towards the land of truth and capture photos that show off the beauty of life as it is or are we going to submerge into a wold of fantasy and create something different? When it comes to photography this is the ultimate question. Do you capture reality or create a fantasy? Personally speaking, I see the beauty in life all day long so I relish the opportunity to create fantasy. I'm all about letting models get into character. Why be yourself in front of the camera when you can be whatever you want? I'm always fascinated by the hidden personalities that come out during the corse of a shoot and to be honest the best models are the ones that aren't afraid of letting lose and getting into character. That's why I strongly believe that getting to know your models/clients is so important. So that as a photographer you create an environment in which your models/clients feel that they can be themselves without the fear of being judged. For me the most important part of the photo shoot is establishing a connection with the model/client after that every image will look amazing.